These are a Few of my Favorite Things to Help you Grow your own Beautiful Cottage Garden

These are the best pruners I have! They are tough and durable and cut through just about everything!

This garden stool is so awesome when my knees hurt or if I just need to take a break and sit!

This Cart is amazing!! I use it everyday! I use it cart plants, watering cans, soil and mulch! Love it!

I absolutely love this leaf blower! It's light and easy to handle. Perfect for gardens!

This hose is amazing if you don't want to deal with a mess hose! Retractable and out of the way!

This edger is a game changer! If you like the look of sharp garden borders, you need this!

I love these gloves! They are coated with rubber so they protect my nails! And they are so cute!

This is the greenhouse I have and it is perfect for small gardeners. You can pack a lot of beauty in here!