"In the garden, I found the courage to pursue my dreams and let them bloom into reality."

You can do the same!!


"Together, we can make the world more beautiful. One garden at a time." 

I believe in you!!


"Your garden is a canvas where you can paint your dreams with flowers."

Let's get painting!!

I'm Erin,


 the passionate self-taught gardener behind Clark Cottage Gardens. For years, I have immersed myself in the enchanting world of cottage gardens, honing my skills and cultivating a deep love for these whimsical havens. Every flower holds a story, and through my journey, I have become what I like to call "a garden artist", creating captivating cottage gardens that transport you to a world of beauty and tranquility.


If your heart longs for the timeless beauty of cottage gardens and you're seeking a compassionate community to share your gardening dreams, I wholeheartedly invite you to join me. Let's nurture the seeds of inspiration, watch them grow, and create a haven where both nature and friendship flourish. Together, we'll embark on a magical journey within The Cottage Garden Society, where dreams take root and blossom into something truly extraordinary.


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When I bought my first house, I wanted to have the most beautiful cottage gardens but I really didn't have a clue where to begin! So, I started where the previous owner left off, or so I thought! In the spring, I promptly went out and started "weeding".  Little did I know, I was pulling beautiful poppies up by the root to throw away!!  You see, we all start somewhere! I wish I had had a central location where I could find information and encouragement and a community of fellow gardeners back then! (1997-am I dating myself?)

For 29 years, I dedicated my life to being a nurse. It was a respectable career and allowed me to support my family and I loved my patients dearly. But deep down, and pretty obviously to everyone who knows me (crazy garden lady), I longed for something more—a creative outlet where I could surround myself with beauty and design. Growing up, my mum's talent for creating stunning homes and gardens inspired me. I adored her style and vision. However, the need to make a traditional living always took precedence over my creative aspirations. Finally, I made the courageous decision to leave my nursing job behind and pursue my true passion.

In addition to my journey of pursuing my creative dreams, I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing partner, my loving husband Dan, who supports me wholeheartedly in everything I do. While I immerse myself in the world of design and beauty, Dan works tirelessly by my side, bringing his own remarkable talents to Clark Cottage Gardens. He brings my visions to life, creating cozy spaces for us to enjoy. From charming arbors and a gorgeous gazebo to the ultimate "she shed", Sweet Pea Cottage. His work adds a touch of magic to our little corner of the world.

So, I embark on a new chapter. I want to help others realize their cottage garden dreams and create a community where we can all be creative together. That's why I have developed The Cottage Garden Society—a place where cottage garden lovers come together, sharing their passion for beauty, nature, and creative expression.

Through The Cottage Garden Society, I invite you to join our extended family, a community that celebrates the magic of nature, the power of creativity, and the warmth of shared experiences. Together, let us sow seeds of inspiration, watch dreams bloom, and escape the negativity so often surrounding us these days.


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"I love your space. I just want to bring a pitcher of iced tea and a good book and just sit there and dream"

Victoria Keller

"So beautiful! I'd be out in one of your sitting areas with a cup of tea and a magazine! It's definitely inspirational for those of us that call ourselves gardeners!"

Sherry Slogger