Slow Living: Enjoying the Cottage Garden Like Never Before

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I would like to take you all on a journey to SLOW DOWN. How does that sound? Easier said than done sometimes. We are so caught up in everyday living that we forget to actually live.  My husband, Dan and I have embarked on a journey to really stop and enjoy all the little things. I would absolutely love it if you would join us for this new lifestyle.  We both have always been the go-go-go types but now we realize we are missing out on beautiful sunsets and slow, candlelight dinners and soft music etc. so we have made it our mission to stop and smell the flowers!

I have recently posted a video to YouTube that shows me spending quality time in the garden, slowly dead heading and pruning and primping.  Please check it out below and let me know if you enjoy watching the processes I undergo in the gardens to keep them looking their best. 


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