Starting Flower Seeds Indoors for Complete Beginners

cottage garden growing flowers seed-starting

Join me in my cozy kitchen as I start seeds from scratch.

When winter arrives in Maine, all planting halts, the trees go bare and the ground is covered with snow for months at a time.  There is something very exciting about getting little tiny seeds in March and planting them and watching them grow while waiting for spring to arrive! I sow a lot of annual seeds; zinnias, cosmos, Queen Anne's Lace, dahlias etc. I also sowed several perennials this year; yarrow, salvia, and rudbeckia for example.  My method is very simple and straight forward, although certainly requires a lot of time and attention.  You can sow as many seeds as you like and have room for.  I would suggest starting small.  I always get overzealous and plant way more than I can handle. I wish I could talk myself out of doing so many but I just can't seem to help myself!  

 I hope you find this video helpful! 

Happy gardening!!


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